5 advantages of playing poker in the afternoon

1. Mode compatible with other representatives of mankind. This is a rather important point, especially considering that all of us, one way or another, are in a single society. It so happened that during the day the absolute majority of people are awake, and at night – asleep. Functioning in a single rhythm with other people, you make life much easier for yourself, because you become accessible to others (in other words, you do not sleep all day), and it is much easier to remake many things during the day – because most institutions / shops, etc. also works in the daytime.
2. A more natural schedule for the body. Like it or not, a person is designed to stay awake during the day and sleep at night. And our body is also “adapted” to this schedule (such a thing as a “biological regime” has not yet been canceled). Therefore, it is still more useful for health to hug a pillow at night than to look at the monitor screen and calculate the range of an opponent’s three-bet. It is more useful – for long distance, of course.
3. Fresh mind. In the afternoon our brain is more active, better suited for solving various problems; and for a poker player, his brain is the most important working tool, and the game and, ultimately, the bankroll depend on the state he is in.
4. More stable game. Smaller fields are known to have a smaller variance. And a smaller dispersion than at an evening rink can save a bankroll if you manage to catch a downstrip, and in general, if the state of your bankroll leaves much to be desired. In smaller fields, it is possible to show more stable results, and in the case of a drawdown, even this one point alone is worth it, perhaps temporarily, to switch to the day game mode.
8. Easier to remember the style of the game. The regular players who play during the day know each other practically “by sight”, and it’s not difficult for them to remember the playing style of regular players (as well as the behavior of opponents in some situations) – unlike those who grind at night, and often can only remember nicknames at best. and rely mostly on support programs.